Botanical extracts

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Cosme-Phytami®  Range

Cosme-Phytamis® are plant extracts that don’t include preservatives and petrochemical derivatives commonly used in the manufacturing of cosmetic products. These eco-designed, natural active cosmetic ingredients contain a high concentration of active ingredients, providing remarkable cosmetic benefits.

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Cosme-Phytami®  Range Organic

Cosme-Phytamis® Organic are phytocosmetic extracts with no preservatives manufactured according to stringent requirements of COSMOS standard. These plant extracts are perfectly adapted to organic certified cosmetics. Cosme-Phytamis® Organic maintain all the properties of Cosme-Phytamis® standard range with the added value of beeing organic.

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Cosme-Phytamix Range

The Cosme-PhytaMIX Range are Cosme-Phytami blends formulated with selected plants for the synergistic or complementary properties with 5 to 10 times higher concentrations in active molecules than  market extracts. 



Blend of 4 organic plant extracts for hydration & softening action: Cucumber, Pomegranate, Red Vine and Pot Marigold. 



Tinctamis® NSH are natural phytocosmetic extracts of tinctorial plants with no preservatives. They are developed in partnership with Couleurs de Plantes®, a French company specialized in tinctorial plants culture and the production of innovative dye raw materials. Alban Muller offers four Tinctamis® NSH Cosmos approved for natural skincare and makeup.


Lipidami®  Range

Alban Muller’s plant extracts, soluble in sunflower oil, carry the benefits of each plant from which they originate. There are ideal in developing nourishing, filmogenic, regenerating and protective cosmetic products.

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Custom Extract Blends

Contact us for Custom Extract Blends manufactured to meet your desired specifications for your project.