Formulation Ingredients



Amigel® is a gelling agent and stabilizer that provides natural cosmetic treatments with a soft and supple texture — transforming a simple emulsion into pleasant, moisturizing, easy-to-apply skin care.



Do you want to provide a smooth and supple texture for your cosmetic care products? Are you looking for an emulsifier-free, 100% natural gelling agent and stabilizer? Amigum is the active formulation ingredient you need.



Cirami is made of shea butter and two natural waxes: carnauba and beeswax. Cirami has excellent emollient activity on the skin. Depending on the quantity used, the viscosity of the finished  product can vary to a large extent. It can thus be used in all kinds of products: creams, masks, balms, lipsticks, etc. 



Clays originate from the superficial layer of the Earth’s crust. Because of their abundance, people have used clays for millennia, their remarkable properties allowing for multiple applications across a wide variety of activities.



Renowned as an ingredient in natural and traditional beauty care, vegetable oils can add comfort and suppleness to skin and hair. With their moisturizing, soothing, nourishing and regenerating properties, vegetable oils are suitable for all types of care.


Monoï de Tahiti

Obtained by macerating tiaré flowers in coconut oil, this butter offers hair-enhancing properties while also moisturizing and protecting the skin.



Exfoliating the epidermis with gentle mechanical exfoliation accelerates the elimination of dead cells from the skin’s superficial layers. If performed once or twice a week, this operation refines and evens the grain of the skin. By removing dead skin cells, the epidermis is able to better renew itself and the skin regains its radiance.