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DynaSorb Xtra is a unique starch product that functions as a carrier of oils and other anhydrous liquids. In processing DynasSorb Xtra, a pocket or cavity is created which allows for the absorption of high oil loads while still maintaining its powder form. Upon contact with water the hydrophilic DynaSorb Xtra instantly dissolves releasing the oils adsorbed within it. These properties make DynaSorb Xtra ideally suited as a carrier for fragrances and therapeutic oils in powders. In bath powders the DynaSorb Xtra will release the oil it holds instantly upon contact with hot or cold water, while leaving no film or residue. It is also an effective binder of salts in these types of powder formulations and can be compacted with oils and salts to make tablets.

DynaSorb Xtra

  • Tapioca Starch


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