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Tagra Biotechnologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of microencapsulated ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industries. Tagra provides a wide range of innovative and highly functional active microencapsulated ingredients with proven efficacy.

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Devoted to both modern skincare science and time proven traditional knowledge, we are pioneering the next generation of certified organic cosmetic and nutraceutical bioactives without compromising either their efficacy or our precious environment.  All of our research and development is performed in our specialized laboratories, nestled in the South Pacific Islands of Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

Found in a remote region of coastal British Columbia, Glacial Bay's unique and rare deposits of glacial marine clay are unlike any other as they are located beneath a live and active glacier. Over time, the erosion and glacial run off carry vast deposits of precious minerals down river to settle in the estuaries along the Coastal Region of British Columbia. Throughout the journey the minerals are energized through the process of hydrolysis which creates a negative electrical charge. It is this negative charge along with the essential nutrients that are thought to give this particular clay natural healing properties.