The Cameleon™Caps range is an innovative extension to Tagra’s current TagraCaps™ range providing formulators with cutting-edge solutions to current market trends in skin care and color cosmetics. CameleonCaps™ are microencapsulated pigments made from a cellulose based polymer.


SunCaps™ are innovative encapsulated UV filters, hermetically entrapped and sealed within unbreakable transparent cellulose-based polymer shells, which improve the UV protection profile, prevent skin penetration and increase photostability. Tagra’s patented SunCaps™ overcome incompatibilities among UV filters. 


Made from cellulose based polymers, CelluCaps™ is based on Tagra’s unique Release on Demand™ (RND™) technology. Encapsulating lipophilic oils results in a new physical form, a powder that can be dispersed and integrated across all phases of a formulation. This creates a higher effective concentration of the active, as it is present both in oil phase and water phase.


With the consumers increasingly demanding natural formulations, essential oils are taking center stage in many products. While offering consumer and marketing benefits, essential oils are sensitive to volatilization, and those used for active purposes can lose their efficacy. Tagra’s cellulose based encapsulation minimizes these obstacles by isolating the essential oils until application while still allowing the oils to be showcased and experienced. 

WS SA50™

Tagra’s WS Tech is an innovative technology based on the formation of microemulsions to form particles which are water-dispersible, organic solvent-free and in dry powder form.  Build effective Salicylic Acid formulations free from alcohol, discoloration, and recrystallization. WS SA50 increases water solubility of Salicylic Acid from 0.2% to 5%, and results in a pH of about 4. No need for organic solvents.


Tagra’s SiCaps™ deliver luxe-feel silicones wrapped in a breakable shell for unexpected, high-impact smoothing. The instant release of silicones transforms the formula upon application to create a skin-perfecting runway and display brilliant pigments and radiant micas. A celllose based polymer encapsulation provides scaffolding and structure to the formula. which comfortably melts into the skin for a soft, professional finish.